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Royal Electric, Woodsville, NH
Providing Quality Electrical Services Throughout New England

Complete Electrical Services

Commercial & Industrial Electricians
  • Electrical Design, Engineering and Implementation
  • Interconnection Studies and Agreements
  • Coordination With Utilities
  • Engineer's Stamped CAD Generated Drawings
  • Power Generation Controls Design and Installation
  •  Generation Power Design and Installation
  • Automation
  • Medium Voltage Design, Construction, Service and Maintenance
  • Design and Construction of Ski Trail Lighting
  • Design and Construction of Ski Lift Controls

We are recognized by our clients and industry as the best provider of electrical services. Our leadership position will be maintained by on­ going  technical and product education.

  • Design and Construction of Ski Area Power Systems
  • Machinery and Equipment Connections
  • Material Handling Systems Design, Fabrication and Installation of
    Control Systems
  • Overhead and Underground Power Distribution through 46kV
  • Industrial wiring
  • Commercial wiring
What We Offer Clients

Communication - An open line of communication exists between our employees, customers and office personnel.
Employees - Our employees are friendly, businesslike and most importantly, get the job done on time without sacrificing quality.
Project Management - With knowledge and enthusiasm, our project management team is able to work on all facets of project design and management. All project managers are licensed electricians and are available for emergency service as necessary. This hands-on experience helps our project managers keep in touch with ever change ing field conditions.
Technical Expertise - Due to our experience in all types of electrical and control work, our key employees are able to help clients, architects, engineers, and contractors in solving problems.
History - Royal Electric has grown through hard work, accommodating clients and completing projects in a timely fashion. We provide quality technicians that are well educated in technical and   installation procedures and operate in a professional manner. Royal Electric has never failed to complete a project on time.
Guarantee - We have  built  Royal Electric on  the  premise that when we engage  in a contract or agreement; it is with one  thing in mind; to do everything from the  project  start to the  final  requisition in a way that keeps  our contractor /client relation­ ship paramount.

 Royal Electric has bonding capacity for all projects as required.
 Umbrella Excess Liability Insurance: $5,000,000
 Additional Insurance is available as required.
Our goal at Royal Electric is to accomplish as much of our projects with our own forces. This allows us to control work flow within our management team. We also work directly with multiple engineering companies to verify our design and code compliance.

Royal Electric invites you to contact us for all your electrical projects. Royal Electric provides services throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and surrounding states.



Royal Electric's Safety Program
Royal Electric assures each of their clients a safe job site for all personnel, vendors and subcontractors. Learn more...


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